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Place Your Face


As the epidemic spreads globally, every single one of us has had to adapt to the new ways of the world. This involves washing our hands several times a day, maintaining social distancing, and putting a mask on our faces. Although, so far all our efforts have been to safeguard ourself, and not so much about protecting the most vulnerable around us. Sometimes even for superficial reasons like fashion. Croma and Times of India want to encourage Indians to wear a mask to protect others.




It's human nature to look into the mirror every day. The mirror is where we find our reflection - both inner and outer. We will help people reflect on the impact their pandemic response makes on the society, using a simple print ad.




We'll replace the face area, barring the mask, with a sheet of mirror paper. So when you look at the AD, you get a reminder of what your face needs to be when you are going anywhere. Face glass mirror People's reflections in the glass mirror If you.


Note: This idea poster had shared for Times Power of print.

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